Chicory: Colorful Story Review: One of the Best Games of 2021

one of Chicory: A colorful storyThe most important scene of is starting in a dark room. The eyes track and track the otherwise black screen, and a neon coarse drawing illuminates the space. My character, the dog I named Pancake, has to face its own inverted version in a split-screen battle.

In undertaking the weight of the heritage of the magic paintbrush, pancakes must combat the catastrophic corruption of self-doubt and personal value that comes to mind at this particular moment.

This is a literal interpretation of a kind of civil war that is familiar to many, turning into a bright, eye-catching battle where the light takes the darkness and rethinks what this kind of battle looks like. chicoryThe biggest bad thing about is not only impostor syndrome, but even bigger. It is a social system that does not actually support the animals of the world.

Pancakes are nothing special.Star Chicory: A colorful story I happened to inherit the magical paintbrush of the game and its power. However, its power to restore color to the devastated black and white world is profound.

like this chicory It starts when the pancake picks up the brush and starts painting. They are taking over the “user” in front of the brush, and the chicory, which appears to have abandoned their post, was squeezed by the pressure of the user’s title. chicory It’s about art and heritage, value and worthlessness, and whether you believe in yourself. But it is also about destroying systems that are no longer useful to you and your community, imagining a new world of fairness and mutual aid, not competition and hierarchy.

This story is told in chapters as pancakes bring color back to other colorless worlds intertwined with puzzles and mazes. The coloring mechanism is essential for passing through the world. Objects change and grow when filled. Trees that are blocking paths can be retracted by erasing their color, creating a clear to go through. Repaint it and it will return stable enough to be used as a bridge between platforms.

Throughout the chapters, the pancake bond with the brush grows, and with it, what they can do with it changes. From something as simple as the ability to jump to something that allows you to “swim” the paint like one of Splatoon’s inkings, a new layered mechanism gives Pancake more access to the world. .. With each new upgrade, the bond gets stronger … so does the burden on the brush.

Everything the game tells me is calm and encouraging. Other animals in the world (all also have food names) support and believe in pancakes as new brushers. If my pancake sister feels overwhelmed, I always remember their support, whether or not I say no to the extra side quests. Pancake’s parents are always on the phone to provide helpful tips for lost players.

But chicoryI thought it was okay if the desperate and bright boss battle failed. I was always able to seize another opportunity without losing results or progress.To chicory, The battle just pauses and you are asked if you want to increase your hit points. Yes or no, the battle will resume where it left off.This is not saying that chicory It’s a simple game. it’s not. Puzzles require thought and creativity, but boss battles require special tweaks. These are masterpiece battles in which great evil takes various forms, each of which is surprisingly original in its own right, reflecting the horror of heritage and doubt.

Image: Greg Lobanov, Alexis Dean-Jones, Madeline Berger, Em Halberstadt, Lena Raine / Finji

Even while I’m taking the time, there’s an invasive negativity that has led to corruption overtaking the world — literally figurative, influencing chicory, pancakes, and others nearby. darkness. Darkness appears in the character’s thoughts: “Why is someone worthy of wielding a paintbrush?” “When we can’t, are we worthless?” But pancakes are working on things that brushes aren’t worth being “chosen”.Side by side chicoryBrightness and darkness create the necessary balance. Without it, the game might have felt overly sweet or unnecessarily moody. instead of, chicorySeriousness at highs and lows finds the perfect tone.

In a way, it reminded me of the game I played just before. chicory, Studio Fizzbin Island minutes.. Games have little in common, both aesthetically and gameplay-wise. The similarities are in the theme: the darkness of self-doubt and depression.Another comparison I saw chicory Is the Legend of Zelda franchise, and there is no doubt that the team of developers was inspired by the game’s top-down puzzles.But like Island minutes, chicory Destroy the hero’s metaphor, the system and hierarchy of nominating the chosen ones. This is the only one worth using a powerful tool.

instead of, chicory Ask, “What if there was a better way?” The value of a person is essential and is not chosen for us. You can shift the legacy and make your own choices by dismantling these systems and rebuilding new ones. This is no longer a gift given to us by an unfair and dateless structure. With a little practice, anyone may be able to use a paintbrush.

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