Chinese players began to comment on the bombing of Life is Strange: the true face of the Tibetan flag

Life is Strange: The true color story is set in Hewenquan Town, where you can see a store called “Tibet Treasure” hanging a Tibetan flag at its entrance. That flag was used as a symbol of the Tibetan independence movement and was banned in mainland China, which is why it became a source of complaints from Chinese players on Steam.

Although its user ratings are still very positive, Most of the negative comments come from Chinese players“The game contains elements of Tibetan independence, implying China’s division”, said A negative comment, And “Tibet is part of China”, repeat other. According to a third, “Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Tibet have been Chinese territory since ancient times. No matter what they think, they will eventually return to the mainland. I suggest that the Nite people read more and don’t be stupid. Finding jobs in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Tibet will always be Part of China”.