Chinese roguelite no one is talking about but everyone is playing

As much as we’d love to profile every brave roguelite on PC, some slip past us with the grace of graceful sword-wielding warriors, dodging their path on cold, dead nights.Which is appropriate, as this fits the description of the hero core exactly warm snowa Chinese game from developer BadMudStudio, has quietly grown to become one of the most popular games on Steam.

With over 12,000 Steam reviews with 91% positive reviews and some consistently high player counts, how could we miss this December gem? Well, looking at the reviews, 97% are Chinese, and the game has never actually made an announcement in English. All the screenshots are also in Chinese, which may be enough to repel non-Chinese speakers (even if you can play it with a less-than-perfect English translation).

(Image source: Bilibili)

The game casts you as Bi-An, a lone warrior who goes on a crusade with some big bad tribes to save the world from what is known as the “warm snow” that drives everyone crazy and for you of blood.