Chivalry 2 is an online multiplayer blower I didn’t know I needed.

Giving up more or less an online shooter, it seems that all I needed was a sword and some terrible one-liner to bring me back.

Let’s not get in the way. I’m not good at online games. Really of any kind. Whether it’s Call of Duty, FIFA or Mario Kart, I lose and lose badly. In fact, I remember being good at online games in my life only for a short period of time when Football Manager Online existed and my life was better. Oh, good old days. But I deviate.

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The important thing is that I’m in love with online games, especially shooters. I used to play a lot of Hallo2 at the time, but today I’m struggling with disastrous malaise when trying to check out the latest trendsetters. Chivalry 2 is not like this. I’m playing it, waiting for it and having fun.

Chivalry 2 is not a shooter (although it has ranged weapons), but it is a game where you hit your head with a spiked weapon, stab with a spiked weapon, or swing with a spiked weapon. You can play with up to 64 players in total in two huge teams or in a free arena where everyone monitors themselves. That is the game. And that’s great.

I love how Chivalry 2 feels simple and chaotic. In games like Battlefield, you’ve spent years getting into the hub of action and shot down before the moment of finding one enemy, the dilapidated eyes. I was able to be even slower than my ancient hands. Here you are automatically pushed forward towards where things are happening, and you just hum, block a little, dodge, and just have a great time with the person in front of you I will. Sometimes someone beheads you, and sometimes someone beheads you. It is very fun.

There is no doubt that some people are taking Chivalry 2 seriously. For them, my flaring, hopping, and overuse of the battle cry button (honestly, some of what you can say is amazing!) Is a huge deal in this medieval combat game. I think it shows a lot of contempt. Certainly, there is depth here. I couldn’t even complete the tutorial without referring to the video guide to see what went wrong, but the great thing about this game is that you don’t have to worry about it. All that.

To explain the game a little more, not only do you repeatedly try to stab people, but you also play games on large maps and move between goals. You may start by preventing the advance of some battering rams (machines, especially not big broke), then switch to defending the gold stash, or stop incoming troops from breaking through the gate. Maybe. It’s easy to keep track of everything and it feels like it’s contributing to the task at hand. I sometimes felt separated in modern shooters.

The XP system and the ability to buy new gear are carrots on the stick, which can pull you apart and give you a sense of reward for the brawl, but to be honest, I don’t have to keep playing them. The core gameplay mechanics are just a click away, and I’ve never played a combat-focused multiplayer game that feels very welcome to new players. Chivalry 2 may look like a virtual recreation for a hardcore LARPing group, and that’s exactly why I enjoy it so much.

If Chivalry 2 isn’t yours (it can be pretty violent for fairness), check out the best Roblox games or visit the video game release date page and others later this year It’s a good idea to see what’s coming to you.