Chocobo GP Season 1 for Switch is free to all full gamers, including Cloud and Squall

SQUARE ENIX announced Chocobo GPan exhilarating kart racing experience with a Chocobo as a backdrop, now available for pre-order online Nintendo switch looking forward to its 10th Published in March 2022. Players can step on the pedal in Chocobo’s latest racing adventure, filled with magic and mayhem, and featuring characters from Chocobo and the Final Fantasy series, including Vivi and Steiner from Final Fantasy IX. Featuring multiple game modes as well as online and offline multiplayer modes, Chocobo GP will challenge players of all skill levels as they take exciting lessons from the famous Chocobo and FINAL FANTASY series locations.

SQUARE ENIX also launched its first season, where players can participate in the game’s 64-player bracket-style championship Chocobo GP mode. For approximately two months, each season offers special rewards that players can earn by increasing their Season Score and Season Levels by participating in Chocobo GP Mode. Optional prize passes are available for purchase, allowing players to earn additional rewards and be able to earn resources like Gil more efficiently. Gil can be used to purchase various rewards in the game’s Gil store.

As a login bonus for Season 1, all players can receive 800 Mithril (equivalent to one Prize Pass) for a limited time, allowing them to receive Final Fantasy 7’s cloud as a tier reward for the first Prize Pass. Additionally, all players of the full game have the opportunity to get Final Fantasy VIII’s Squall from the Gill store.

Source: Nintendo UK