Chris Hemsworth reveals the release date of “Extract 2” on Netflix

Earlier this year, Netflix updated curious viewers in the 10 most watched movies in the history of the platform. At number one is an obvious contender: a poor, dirty action thriller led by Chris Hemsworth, extraction. Produced by the Russian brothers.And by Avengers: Endgame As stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave, this film combines political thrillers from the 90s with modern direct video action. Two months after the global pandemic, this was a huge blow.Obviously, we get Extract 2.

On Saturday, Hemsworth attended Netflix’s Tudum fan event and announced the news.

“If you think our first film broke the limit, just wait for you to see what Sam and I plan for the next film.”

At the end of extraction, Tyler Lake, Hemsworth’s gangster mercenary, while protecting the Indian drug lord’s son Ovi, hit him with a bullet in the neck. There are not many ways to get back from one of them!But the Russians know what they are, and extraction There is a fuzzy character at the end that looks a lot like Rake in Ovi’s life. There is enough room to make a direct sequel…or is Rake’s early prequel to the Australian army? Oops, Extract 3 Can’t fall behind.

Netflix has not announced a date Extract 2. Hemsworth will appear in the upcoming Marvel movie tetralogy next, Thor: Love and Thunder, Will expire on May 6, 2022.