Chris Pratt talked about his love for Mario and said that his new role is a personal dream come true

We found out more about Illumination’s Super Mario movie during the Nintendo Direct presentation on Thursday. The movie is scheduled to be released in December 2022, and Mr. Miyamoto revealed in the presentation the star lineup for the upcoming animation.Mario will be played by someone else Chris Pratt After the news was announced, he chatted on Instagram about his love for the “Mario” series and the joy of being selected as the iconic Italian plumber.

“There is a coin-operated laundromat near my house with the original arcade game “Super Mario Bros.”. I like that game,” Pratt said in a video posted to Instagram. Because he “never had a quarter, it feels like”, Pratt would steal a quarter from the Wishing Fountain.

“The season I stole from the wishing well to play Super Mario Bros. has achieved my voice as Mario, but I obviously stole other people’s wishes. So I just waited for the row of karma dominoes to hit me. ,” Pratt quipped, “but as it is now, This is me, mario. ”

“We have been working hard and I am really happy to announce that I will be the spokesperson for the video game that I dreamed of playing when I was a kid. Dreams come true.”

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