Chucky comments: The Child’s Play TV show lives up to the violent weirdness of movies

It’s easy to forget how good Child’s Play movies are. Don Mancini’s film series tells the story of Chucky. Chucky is a murderous red-haired doll possessed by the soul of a dead murderer, somewhere between a savage comedy and a bloody murderer In between, this has often been perfectly handled since its debut in 1988.For people who also like stupidity and blood, few series can be like Children’s games And its six sequels. After years of movie fun, Chucky, as a TV show star of Syfy and USA Network, launched his latest brutal misfortune, and he did not lose any talent for killing or comedy on his way to the small screen.

The new series, just called Chaki, Is a direct sequel to the first seven movies.Mancini also returned to the franchise as the creator, writer and presenter of the series-thank god for the catastrophic restart in 2019 Children’s games It’s an important reminder that without Mancini, nothing would work for Chucky.

Unlike some recent movies, these movies feature a doll and sometimes his bride Tiffany as the protagonists. Chaki It tells the story of Jack Wheeler (Zachary Arthur), a queer high school student living in the small town of Hackensack, New Jersey. That happened to be the birthplace of Charles Lee Ray, the serial killer’s soul living in a good-looking doll called Chucky.

Photo: Steve Wilkie/American Network

From a child protagonist to a young teenager starring is an important reason for the success of this show. At its core, Chaki This is a teen drama about school difficulties, bullies, first love, and even sexual orientation-Mancini, an openly gay man, handles these things more skillfully than many recent teen shows.

The first few episodes mainly introduced actors, including Jack’s classmates and Hackensack’s adults. Jack’s new friend and first love German (Björgvin Arnarson) is a real crime podcast with a paranoid police mother; his overworked but omnipotent cousin Junior (Teo Briones); and Junior’s girlfriend Lexi— —Played by Alyvia Alyn Lind, she was almost as ruthless as Chucky in the first few episodes. On its own, the role of the show will be enough to attract fans to watch a 10-episode Netflix show, but when Jack happens to buy Chucky in the yard, the turning point occurs, and the doll shows his bloodthirsty.

Adding a sentient murder doll, especially a swearing and elated doll like Chucky, allows Mancini to elevate emotions into a pure melodrama, making all common teenage anxiety problems more interesting. The bullies of the show are more despicable than most. (She didn’t call Jack by his name, but dressed as his dead parents on Halloween.) Jack is stranger than the average teenage movie outcast—he makes sculptures out of dismembered doll parts, which seems to be his only hobby. The adults of Hackensack are incompetent in comedy. Most importantly, a wonderful feeling is directly obtained from the sitcoms of the 1990s. Every episode of Chucky will have a ridiculous over-murder – although at the end of episode 4 (the last episode is provided to the critics in advance) ), it seems that his cunning antics are about to become the center of the story.

One of the secret factors that helped Chucky become so famous and made his films so enjoyable over the past five years is the voice behind him: Brad Durieff, he will return to this series. Dourif (Grimnir Wormtongue in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movie) has dubbed the doll since the first film, and he excels at capturing the perfect fusion of venom and comedy timing. The idea of ​​an evil doll may not be difficult to sell, but the delightful filth that Dourif shows in every line makes Chucky an idol, and it also plays a role in the series format.

In addition to making this drama look very interesting, the setting of the youth drama also makes it perfectly integrated into the Child’s Play series, which is not only a perfect entry point for new fans, but also fresh air for series veterans. Chucky’s movies have not had young protagonists since the first three movies, which makes it almost feel like they are back on track, but the show also provides enough background stories that other movies do not need to be watched.In fact, the show even used a sitcom-like B plot in some of Charles Lee Ray’s backstory, which felt like Young Shelton A remake starring Hannibal Lecter.

Chucky shows his true face, Zackary Arthur looks a little boring

Photo: Steve Wilkie/American Network

Through the first four episodes, Mancini’s most impressive feat is balance Chaki Between serious topics and absurdity, while always keeping the fun of watching. The show easily switches between complex teenage romances, questions about how trauma affects young people, and Chucky’s comical bloody murder. The basic investigators also deal with difficult topics.He has proven that he is Jack’s weird voice ally, echoing him and Tiffany’s children Chaki’s Seeds -A child with a male and a female side, Chucky chose to describe it as “gender fluid”. Chucky is even willing to use action to support his allies, even though this is a typical killing action.

Of course, Chucky claims that he is “not a monster” to support queer, and he became a monster for many other reasons, which is funny. But this doll uses Jack’s weirdness to make him feel isolated, even with those around him who mainly support him. This is the fascinating way the show explored in the first few episodes, and it is an unusual way for teen dramas or horror movies about killer dolls. All this is very stupid, and for long-term fans of the series, this show will definitely kill people.

ChakiThe first season of the 8 episodes will premiere on Syfy and USA Network on October 12th at 10 pm Eastern Time.