Chucky from Child’s Play is actually a modern universal monster

In October of this year, the Criterion channel showed a number of carefully selected universal horror films from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, highlighting the fact that Universal Pictures’ monsters have not become multiple fixtures for decades. This is not always due to lack of experimentation.Sony produced unofficial adult-oriented reflections of these monsters in the 1990s, including R-rated versions Dracula, Frankenstein, And werewolves (in Wolf).Mummies made by Universal Into a series of successful late 90s/early 2000s adventure movies, but its Werewolf Lose money to remake.Later, the studio tried to use the Tom Cruise version mummy In 2017, that exploded, but it caused Leigh Whannell to redo it brilliantly invisible Man, And Universal’s idea that Universal will take a more film-maker-centric approach to its future monsters.

Since the monster itself has failed to produce many ongoing series, the “universal monster” image has become more like a metaphor, although it has not been used extensively in contemporary horror movies. Broadly speaking, a general-style monster is a creature that has both monster and human qualities-usually too beast to be the protagonist of a movie, but as human as it is enough to generate disturbing fascination. The degree of empathy they produce may be different, but they are all distorted imitations of humans: the monsters of Frankenstein stitched together, the immortal Dracula and mummies, the werewolves of half-orcs, and the black The humanoid creatures of the lagoon and the humanity of the invisible man gradually disappeared with his physical form.

Image: Universal Pictures

This balance between monster qualities and human form may be difficult to achieve. Most zombies, despite their obvious human roots, do not have enough personalities. The movie ghost does not have a sufficiently consistent format. Too many murderers hide behind the mask. In contemporary movies, generic monster genres are more likely to appear in superhero stories than horror movies: characters like Hulk or Venom more closely embody the monster/human duality (their Jekyll/Hyde dynamics) The horror reward). However, in recent years, a great unknown universal monster has actually appeared in a horror film released by Universal: Chucky, a murderous doll from a children’s game movie (and this month’s TV series).

It’s not that Chucky is unknown-although his eponymous show has been heavily promoted, he has never been as popular as some hypothetical contemporaries.Only five of his seven films are shown in theaters, and even three of them, which can be said to be hot movies, have not continued to reach Ghost Street number. Elm street Is a simple point of comparison, because the first Children’s games Released in 1988, the year Freddie Kruger reached the top of the box office Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Master of Dreams. with Children’s games 2 1990 and Children games 3 In 1991, the series arrived late in the slasher market, and people’s interest in movies also weakened accordingly. (More Freddy similarities: Freddy’s Death: The Last Nightmare Finished the original six film series in a few weeks Children’s games 3 Failed. )

In those early movies, Chucky acts like a murderer. He is really the serial killer Charles Lee Ray (played by Brad Doriff). He seems to have committed murder for pure, crazy sports. After the desperate voodoo ceremony, his soul has a look The seemingly harmless “good guy” doll. The basic children’s game story is easy to remember, because the movie is repeated several times: the possessed doll finds a child (in the first three movies, the exact same child), the doll kills other children while interacting with the child Become a friend/stalk the child When a child tries to warn them, no one believes him.After the first three children’s game pictures are repeatedHalloween Slasher, the main changes are often the mechanism of personal killing and the maneuver of the big fool who tries to bring the once defeated killer back to life.

Children's Game 2: Chucky holds shares

Image: Universal Pictures

However, like many classic horror villains, Chucky perseveres.Part Four, 1998 Chucky’s Bride, Known for introducing Jennifer Tilly’s equally ferocious Tiffany (who eventually became Chucky’s matching doll partner) and a more explicit sense of self-deprecating humor. Starting from the title, this is where Universal Monster’s connection becomes stronger.The writer Don Mancini-she has participated in all seven feature films and series of Chucky, from screenwriter to screenwriter and director-made Tiffany concentrate and even cry when watching The Bride of Frankenstein At her big Death sceneLater, Tiffany cleverly quoted the part of the movie that reminded her of Chucky in her doll form: “We belong to death.” Chucky’s Bride It is both a comedy and a horror movie, and it is even more impressive when it admits that the couple’s untimely state gives Tiffany a sense of twisted depth.In his mix of black comedy and queer subtext (or, in Chaki’s Seeds, Strange actual text), Mancini connects back to James Whale, Frankenstein’s Bride with invisible Man Its influence adds a subtext-like director to the original Universal Monsters series.

Well, this is appropriate bride It was a turning point in the series.Chucky changed his iconic appearance, moving the Frankenstein-style facial stitches he maintained Chaki’s Seeds, And the follow-up of DTV Chucky’s Curse with Adoration of ChuckyGradually, Charles Lee Ray (Charles Lee Ray spent most of the series trying to find a recoverable human body) more or less disappeared, and Chucky became very different from his founder , Mixing his human and plastic forms together.Plot transfer Adoration of Chucky Allowing the murderer’s soul to be divided and subdivided, creating more Chuckies is not exactly the same as more Rays, and they are obviously more dynamic than a simple army of plastic dolls.

Although Chaki The movies have more continuity than most of the Universal Monster series, and they are quite inconsistent in terms of Chucky’s body composition. In the early movies, he was a doll, and the longer he had it, he should become more humane; in the later ones, he seemed to have a beating heart, or at least in what looked like plastic There are some other organs under the shell. In the long run, small physical details, especially when they are not uniform, will make Chucky feel even more incredible. This living, breathing, and sometimes disturbing sexually active toy is somewhat unholy.

In the Syfy/USA horror series Chucky, Zackary Arthur holds a beaming Chucky doll

Photo: Steve Wilkie/American Network

Emotionally, Chucky does not resemble a werewolf or come from Frankenstein; Of course he is not as decent or attractive as Dracula. If anything, he looks even scarier, because his doll shape condenses his ugly human nature.Although we haven’t seen too many shots of the “real” Charles Lee Ray in action, as he spends more time on the doll, Chucky seems to become more and more profanity and witty words; He sounds more like a rude, grumpy insulting comic Chaki’s Seeds Than him Children’s games 2.

It’s easy to mistake it for a killer development-especially for Freddy Krueger’s counterfeit products, sometimes Chucky does play like this. However, his films changed shape and gave this broad new background, such as gender politics in the United States. seed Or gothic melodrama curse -The comedy factor in his movie is reminiscent of the days when various monsters met Abbott and Chaki SyFy’s series seems to further develop his human side. Chucky keeps him dirty, but his friendship with young Jack (Zachary Wheeler) seems to be deeper than the rough operations and techniques he used in the original movie.

The amazing longevity (and surprisingly high quality!) of the Chucky franchise ensures it has a place in the monster pantheon.The location of that location feels unclear, even though Chucky continues to live in the original Monster Studio: Universal from Children’s games 2, And have been sticking to it for many years; Chucky is also a frequent visitor to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Night.Despite this, close ties with Freddie, Jason, Michael Myers, etc. still exist-this is understandable, considering when Children’s games Arrive at the theater and impress the audience first. But at least, Freddy and Jason have not reappeared for more than ten years. They are absent monsters who are not sure how to haunt us in the 21st century. At the same time, killer dolls are involved in marriage, parenting, and youth counseling. It seems strange that Chucky is universal.