Classic first-person caster Wheel of Time is resurrected by Nightdive

As a Wheel of Time aficionado, it’s safe to say that when I found out that your Wheel of Time game had Launched on GoG (opens in new tab) Remastered, courtesy of Nightdive Studio.

The Wheel of Time was originally released in 1999, based on Robert Jordan’s series of epic fantasy novels (opens in new tab). The game puts you in the role of Elayna Sedai, one of the most powerful groups of sorceresses in the fantasy world. Elanya isn’t powerful herself, but she’s a master swinger Angell, a magical artifact of widespread influence. This comes in handy when someone breaks into the White Tower and tries to free the Dark One (aka King Sauron) from his otherworldly prison. When the attacker absconds, Elayna’s task is to track him down in the land of the Wheel of Time and find out what the hell he’s up to.

(Image credit: Night Dive Studio)

It’s all a baffling excuse for squeezing the massive and complex fantasy world of The Wheel of Time into a traditional linear FPS.You don’t collect guns, you collect Angell, which allows you to unleash up to 100 different magical powers on your enemies. As the game progresses, you’ll visit some of the world’s most iconic locations, such as the White Tower and the cursed city of Shadar Logos.