Classic wine and video game matching

You may have seen a million lists on the Internet about wine and food or wine and music, hell, and even wine and movie pairings. But where is the wine pairing for video games? To solve the problem of absence, we discussed with Chief Sommelier Morgan Harris which type of wine is best for which game.

Before we start, we should note that the matching of wine and games is not an exact science. Pairing wine with food usually results in chemical interactions that enhance or change flavor; obviously, this does not happen in game matching. “Fundamentally speaking, wine is a kind of groceries, which means that it does not have much structural overlap with games. Games are a kind of leisure activity,” Harris said. “Based on them, they are very different things, but there must be some overlap. They are all designed to provide fun… I think like a game, a lot of the fun of wine lies in discovery. It’s like exploring The same “Like in an open world game, the fun of wine lies in tasting novelties and trying new things. With this warning, you can think about wine types like game types to some extent. “

With this in mind, here are a few wines you might want to pair with the game for a fulfilling evening:

Riesling and Stardew Valley

“The classic German Riesling is really sour, but also very sweet. I think it’s interesting that we have a certain prejudice against sweet wine-as Americans, we don’t drink sweet wine, but we like soda water, which is exactly the same Things. It’s really sour and sweet. Sitting around and drinking a glass of German Riesling is like this. It’s like playing some mindless and interesting things, such as Stardew Valley, or in some ways, such as Wallheim, There you’re just sitting there and relaxing, doing things at your own pace.”

Barbaresco/Barolo and the Soul of Darkness

“In northern Italy, there is a famous grape called Nebbiolo, which is made into two wines: one called Barbaresco and the other called Barolo. When they are young, these wines are very, very tannins, so this is what you get They are dry and astringent, and they have high acidity. They are great against the background of red meat, but they are not very fun to sit and drink when they are young because they are too sticky and astringent. But it’s a bit like dark Soul, right? It’s really challenging, but if you take some time, and you are patient, and like something strong and strong, it may be your thing.”

Champagne and story-based role-playing games

“In some ways, Champagne is like a story-based role-playing game, because you can get lost in its own little world. Also, it’s important to note that wine is always available for sharing. For me, drinking It’s a very relaxing thing to champagne and play story-based single-player role-playing games because you just do everything at your own pace. Well, there are a bunch of task icons everywhere, but if people don’t want to do that side task, you I didn’t do that side task. No one urged you. No one urged you. You complete the game at your own pace. No one else depends on you for anything else, so Champagne is very relaxing for me.”

Sauvignon Blanc and fighting games

“Sauvignon blanc is a bit like a fighting game because they have a very special flavor. There is a green color that is not everyone’s favorite. Some people like it. They really like it. But for many people, it’s too weird. Yes. A rising, rising, falling, falling, a, b, a quality, or whatever we call it, is appreciated by a group of people who find this kind of thing pleasant. I think Sauvignon “blanc is the same. You either like it or hate it. Moreover, there are many different ways of expression in the world. There are many different sub-types of fighting games. “

Chardonnay and Sagittarius

“Chardonnay itself doesn’t have a lot of flavor, and it has the personality of the place of origin. So you have something like Chablis, it comes from northern France, it is very thin and has low alcohol. It grows in a cold place and they don’t really use it. Any oak. On the other hand, you have a wine like California Chardonnay, which is very rich, oaky and buttery. They are all the same grapes, but they know where they grow. FPS, to some extent It’s the same way. You have a predator shooting game like Destiny, it’s a bit like a bullet sponge. The FPS mechanism is there, but it’s a bit like RPG. Then you have something like the entire CoD series, it Have their own unique style, which is something for some people and not for others. Then you have games like Valorant or Counter-Strike. They are all related to each other. There are many different ways to look down on the scope and shoot people. Even in a genre, there are many different ways of expression.

Cabernet Sauvignon and World of Warcraft

“MMO is a ubiquitous game type. I think it is similar to Cabernet Sauvignon because almost everyone has had this experience. At this point, few people have not played or don’t know what one is, so there There are many similarities. I mean, the number of players who haven’t played MMO-of course, they think World of Warcraft is the main part of the genre. It’s reliable. It’s reliable. Everyone can find something to love in it .”

Pinot Noir and Hades

“Pinot Noir is a bit like roguelike or roguelite. Pinot Noir is really difficult to grow, but if you do it well, it is one of the most amazing grapes there. It has the highest point and the lowest point of quality. Of course, you can use Think of things like Spelunky or Hades in the same way. When you start, you know there will be a lot of disappointments, but as you like things you like more and more, when you do something like the first Beating Hades this time, you really feel a sense of accomplishment. Pinot Noir is the same. You have to struggle with a lot of possibly mediocre wines to find a very special wine, because it is really difficult to grow. And it’s not for everyone. It requires dexterous hands and considerable skills to make.”

The ultimate takeaway

To pair wine with a game is to draw structural similarities between the genres and types of grapes, but there is no one-to-one. In the end, if you pair a bottle of wine with a game, you might have a good night.

“In a way, gaming is a kind of competition,” Harris said. “Even if you are competing with yourself. Wine has never been a competitive thing. If you like to drink easy-going white wine, it does not matter how many points Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon gets; it may never really become your bag. . But they are all leisure activities. You should have fun with them. I think, like many things, sharing with friends is one of the best ways to play games and drink. Go to their house and buy a bottle Drink, then talk. Get involved. Have fun.”

But, of course, remember to drink responsibly!