Co-op shooting game Arc Raiders debuts

Arc Raiders is a free cooperative shooting game to be launched by Embark Studios, which is composed of DICE employees who have participated in the Battlefield series before. Embark unveiled its project Arc Raiders at The Game Awards, giving us an in-depth understanding of this game for the first time.

With Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” as the national anthem of the trailer, we understand the deadly mechanized threats from space and must cooperate with your team to eliminate these threats. A lot of gunfire and explosions followed. But then the trailer showed huge mechanized creatures occupying the entire screen, making the battle feel like David and Goliath. You play the role of the weak and must work with your team to repel the enemy’s part and make sure everyone is alive. In a cool scene, a character shoots at this huge creature and throws a grenade in the center of it. The trailer ends by saying: “They will never stop coming” and shows a heavily armed villain with red eyes. You can watch it for yourself on it.

game instructions On Steam Say that players will use tools and gadgets to outsmart the enemy and use physical advantage to succeed.

Arc Raiders will be launched in 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.