CoD: Zombie fans are not satisfied with Der Anfang

Whenever a new Call of Duty game is released, Warzone, multiplayer games, campaigns, and of course all the dedicated sub-communities are worth celebrating Zombie. However, for those who have a place in their hearts, to fight against the hordes of undead, it seems Call of Duty: Vanguard The new map Der Anfang provides a dull experience, which may affect this trend.

First, introduce the background. Call of Duty: Zombies, although originally a wave-based survival game mode that joined World of War in 2008, it has developed rapidly over the past ten years. The mode is now known for its highly complex map layout and the intricate secrets that the community is frantically looking for.

The current problem is that from the current situation, De Anfang seems to be lacking in several key areas. This makes the dedicated community built around Zombies puzzled, wondering who is this map for?

Then there is a new approach to Der Anfang’s general gaming experience.This new map has Stated by Treyarch As a combination between turn-based maps and bursts. Turn-based is your typical survival map because the difficulty will increase over time, while Outbreak is more open and promotes exploration, rather than just finding a safe place and defending it.

As pointed out Reddit user Lyrcmrc, This combination does not really enhance any advantages of the two forms of zombies. Der Anfang seems to try to do two things at the same time, simplify the core aspects to attract a new wave of players, but there is no advantage in any of the different modes. The goal seems to be seen by many as an obstacle to a purer and more interesting fast-paced survival map.

Speaking of secondary goals-there are many.This (frankly funny) video beautifully portrays Reddit user Xray 5674Many game loops in Der Anfang seem to interact with the same target over and over again. Drink water from the fountain, make upgrades, and jump repeatedly through the portal for years.

Then, perhaps the worst initial community reaction came from the popular Call of Duty content creator Milo-or MrRoflWaffles- Who speaks to his audience Say: “I will tell you directly here, just don’t buy the game. If you buy it for zombies, please don’t do it. Please. I don’t want to disappoint you, if you buy it for zombies…I’m not yet Will do it. I will wait for the sale, or I will wait for a free weekend.”

Although fans are waiting for new zombie content to be added with the first season of Call of Duty: Vanguard, it seems that at least for now, Der Anfang may crawl out of the grave sooner. Perhaps over time, this new era of zombies will begin to take more attractive forms, but it is clear that a lot of work needs to be done to reverse the negative first impression.

After “Call of Duty: Pioneer” released positive but imperfect reviews, people’s acceptance of this new zombie version was high. You can read a summary of all the main reviews of the game here to get a better understanding of the complete game.