Color Creator: Admiring the dynamic voice in our community

To commemorate the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, We commend some of the talented color creators who continue to inspire community members around the world, discover their passions, and help them find support on both the IRL and the platform. I wanted to. We talked to Nicole, Garvey, Ashley and Rain about their experiences at Roblox. We also invited them to encourage new creators and suggest ways to engage and enhance other people of color on the platform.

Nicole 12 years old, she / she

I’ve been interested in becoming a Roblox Creator since I started playing in 2015. I saw the famous YouTuber below and learned about the platform. It’s Hunne, Above all. As I was playing, I realized how creative I could be and started thinking about how to influence people to play and create.

I’m currently enjoying speed builds in one of my favorite games. Welcome to Blocksburg, And Roblox GFX (Note: Beautiful and realistic images of Roblox avatars and graphics), Animation, clothes.I also started recently YouTube channel You can interact with the audience, talk and ask questions. I’m most creative when it comes to new ideas for channels and editing videos.

I’ve met hundreds of friends at Roblox over the years. Playing Roblox made me no longer shy in real life. I’m fortunate to have very supportive parents who are really proud of what I’m doing. Message to parents worried about their kids spending a lot of time on the screen: It’s important to recognize that kids and teens can learn a lot with Roblox and will be useful in the future. You can communicate with your friends — especially during this rare time!

About equal opportunity to create: No one knows what you look like behind the screen when playing or creating games in Roblox. No one cares, even if people only know your skin color, gender, nationality, or appearance. The Roblox community is so welcoming that I think everyone has an equal chance of success.

About increasing color: I want to spread the word about anti-racism on YouTube channels and create Roblox GFX that includes all cultures.

“The Roblox community is so welcoming that I think everyone has an equal chance of success.” – Nicole

Garvey, 12 years old, she / she

I started by playing with Roblox Studio and watching a YouTube tutorial by a developer like this: Alvin Blocks..

During COVID-19, I couldn’t really do anything outside the house. Roblox gave me an exit and the opportunity to create what I wanted. I like to create content using animations and obbies (Note: Obstacle racing), And this month we’re launching a really proud game. As I have imposed myself on learning how to make games, my overall creativity and planning, problem-solving, and time management skills have improved significantly.

We also created some educational YouTube videos to talk to the community about race-related topics.For example, I explained in a video The best way to show support For the Black Lives Matter movement on the platform.

About equal opportunity to create: I think the biggest attraction of Roblox is that the platform is free and the opportunities are equal. Anyone can be a developer and has never been rejected because of race, gender, or sexuality (as far as I know). However, there are certainly barriers to access to technologies and games that exist outside of Roblox, and we need to overcome them to attract a wider variety of gamers and creators. We want continuous improvement in player customization and want to allow people to create avatars that resemble themselves and other creative possibilities to express themselves.

About increasing color: Minority groups often face challenges when participating in the gaming industry on an equal footing. We need to support girls, non-binary people, blacks and non-black colored gamers. Encouraging participation will be of great help to the colored races of the gaming community. During this period I talked about this and other ways to build inclusive communities. Peace One Day # Anti-racism broadcast.

“We need to support girls, non-binary people, blacks and non-black colored gamers. Encouraging participation will be of great help to colored races in the gaming community.” – Garvey

Ashley, 17 years old, she / she

I learned about Roblox from one of my friends in 2013. I started playing Roblox Studio and then started exploring Roblox Studio. Roblox Studio is a free tool that allows you to develop and create your own authentic experience. Now it’s full time 3D artist and developer Foster a safe environment for LGBTQ +, POC, and ND individuals, while focusing on innovative experiences and stories, and create spaces to support destructive forms and methods of storytelling, expression, and advocacy. ..

I discovered my full-time career and passion, and with my girlfriend Nicole (Roblox’s Reselim), who is in charge of programming, UI, and graphics, we form an almost “full” development team. I will.I also created art that I am very proud of, like me Pride Bandana UGC line. It’s great to have a positive impact on the LGBT population and youth. Hearing how legitimate and accepted it was, I understood my idea that people really wanted to represent a marginalized community.

As a social platform, Roblox has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded people who have had many of the same experiences as me. Mainstream workforce.

Overcoming challenges: My story is completely different. I grew up in a family with little support for my identity and passion. Surrounded by a community that supports my work, finding a transgender identity was essential to overcoming the negative family environment and overcoming the negative situations that I often experience online. Roblox served as the perfect place to do just that. Message to parents: It’s important for your child to discover their own identity and pursue their dreams. It’s also important to support it. And to the unfortunate who don’t understand this consideration: Surround yourself with those who support you!

About equal opportunity to create: Opportunities on the platform are the most accessible jobs I have found. Especially because it’s surrounded by like-minded people! Although not perfect, I believe Roblox is one of the most equal platforms for creators. Because everything is easy to learn and success is completely free from prejudice and race.

“As a social platform, Roblox has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded people who have had many of the same experiences as I do, and find new opportunities that may not be entirely possible. Guided me to create. With a mainstream workforce. ”– Ashley

Rain, 24 years old, he / he

I started developing at Roblox when I was 13. When I joined Roblox, I didn’t know how to code. I had a bug in the game I play regularly, it wasn’t updated very often, and I had a lot of ideas I wanted to add, so I wanted to reproduce them, so I was motivated to start studying.

College student when I made it Monster book (Note: Rain’s best experience, with nearly 50 million visits at the time this article was published.). It took several years to create because we had to balance school, life and game work.

My parents didn’t pay much attention to what I was doing until I signed up for Roblox’s 2018 Summer Accelerator program And it was accepted. At that point, they’re more confident in me, and as long as I have enough income to pay for college tuition, it’s okay to make games with Roblox instead of getting a random summer job. was.

I mainly enjoy making things that make me laugh. I was making a Book of Monsters and wondered, “How interesting would it be to have a house monster?” So I did it. I’m really proud of the unique gameplay decisions I made in the game. I treat it like some experimental sites for my ideas. For example, most round-based games require you to sit idle while waiting for a new round to begin. I came up with the idea of ​​allowing players to jump out of the lobby, destroy things, and transform into meteors that plague players in rounds. This is something you’ve never seen in any other game, and it’s a way to provide an opportunity for the audience to interact with the game while they’re waiting.

About the skills acquired in the process: I hope my experience at Roblox will help my entire future. In addition to making games with Roblox, I have acquired a lot of skills that can be applied to various things. I learned how to code with Roblox and got a degree in computer science. This experience has given me the advantage of being able to incorporate and apply the concepts I learned in class faster than others.

About equal opportunity to create: When I started, I was developing on my parents’ slow computer, but fortunately I was able to run Roblox Studio. It took a while for things to open on it. But I was still able to get things done. Recently, many schools and kids are migrating to low-budget Chromebooks instead of Windows and Mac computers, but as far as I know, Roblox Studio is currently not supported on that platform. This makes it a little harder to get involved in development for those who don’t have access to the supported platform.

“I think my experience with Roblox will help my whole future. I’ve learned a lot of skills that can be applied to many things, not just making games with Roblox.” – Rain

4 Tips to Become a Creator:

It’s a good idea to investigate what the players on the platform are having fun with. But most importantly, what are you enjoying? boom. I have your game! It’s also a good idea to plan your game and think about your abilities at the moment. That way, as you improve, you can add more and improve your game. ” — — Garvey

“YouTube has hundreds of tutorials, some of which are in Roblox Studio. Before you create a game, break your ideas down and find the tutorial or free model that most closely matches the game you want to create, for example. Let’s say you want to make a game with your pet. You can start by understanding how to make a block follow your character, then think about how to attach a model of your pet to that block, and so on. You can learn more advanced and efficient methods. When you start for the first time, everything doesn’t have to be perfect. You may want to start over, but each time you have more than the beginning. You can gain experience with. ” — — Reine

“One of the important things in content creation is to enjoy what you’re actually doing. The more viewers know you really like the game you’re playing, the more your stream Another thing to keep in mind when you start is to be kind to others.— —If you see someone unfamiliar with the game (whether playing or creating), don’t make fun of it. Try to help them instead. Roblox aims to celebrate the differences between people. ” — — Nicole

“Whatever your goal, it’s important to strive to represent and prioritize the comfort of a left-behind player base (LGBTQ +, POC, neurodiversity, people with disabilities, etc.). Accessibility is also very important for healthy people. Showing support for creators and content left out of society is even more effective in telling people that hatred is unacceptable on the platform. Listen to, amplify it, and make sure you have a say in your decision! ” — — Ashley