Come On is a four-player couch co-op game developed by Fireline Games

Fireline Games has released Fueled Up, a brand new four-player couch co-op game that looks like Overcooked set in space.

Described as a multiplayer game that “combines salvaging spaceships with intense co-op fun,” Fueled Up is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year. In it, you and your crew must fuel, repair, and restore a damaged spaceship before the evil octopus tentacles. You can see what it looks like in the trailer below:

“Get the spacecraft back to safety while dealing with unexpected hazards like wormholes, asteroid showers, and space squid,” a press release reads. “Keep engines fueled, repair cracks in hulls, put out fires or risk blowing up ships. There are no boring days in the life of a spacecraft recycling engineer.

“In Fueled Up, you’ll explore dangerous galaxies, facing increasingly challenging dangers while trying to outrun a giant space octopus. If you succeed, you’ll become the best ship recycling engineer in the universe. ”

Here are some highlights about Fireline Games cheering:

  • Intense couch co-op fun – Enjoy a combination of teamwork, fast-paced and multitasking juggling with lots of chaos and laughter. Combine careful planning with split-second decisions and get it back to base!
  • crazy crazy solo – Friends unavailable? no problem. Fueled Up is also great for single player play.
  • Online/local multiplayer – Work with your crew in local and online multiplayer to bring the ship back to safety.
  • Controller sharing – Only one controller? no problem! Share with your friends and save the spaceship together.
  • bonus challenge – Isn’t it enough to return safely? Craving more excitement? Each level provides additional objectives to test your skills and prove that no mission is too challenging for you and your team! “

Fireline Games is a team of four independent developers from Poland who have worked on games like Dying Light 2, Control, The Walking Dead, and more. They put Fueled Up in the same genre as other puzzle-like co-op games like Overcooked, Moving Out, Tools Up, and more, so if you like these, you might want to keep an eye out for when Fueled Up releases later this year.

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