Comedian Jamie Kennedy looks back on his disastrous Activision E3 2007 performance

No one wants to forget that Activision has made comedian Jamie Kennedy the host of the E3 conference.

Every year E3 Time, gaming media, and YouTube channels delve into the history of E3 and remind everyone of the worst and most bizarre moments of the show.

If you follow video games as faithfully as we do, you will definitely be familiar with it. Konami’s iconic E3 2010, Caffeine (Aaron Priceman) Ubisoft E3 2011 Conference, And of course Activision E3 2007 Jamie Kennedy-sponsored conference..

The comedian appeared drunk, failed to make participants laugh at his jokes, and generally didn’t know the game and his guests. It was a train wreck at a nasty moment when you saw it unfold in real time.

For the next 14 years, Kennedy has never spoken publicly about this moment. Kennedy decided to watch the E3 show’s Supercut on the YouTube channel and provide insights into some of its most notorious moments.

In a 16-minute video embedded below, Kennedy explained that he wasn’t really intoxicated, but was tired of just taking the stage after two days of long filming of the Activision project. It’s true that he didn’t know much about video games, but comedians explained that they didn’t even understand how big a deal E3 was for fans.

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Kennedy has a history of Activision and has worked with publishers many times to create commercials specifically for publishers. This is how he got the job.

The full video is worth watching just to learn about this beautifully confusing event. It’s also interesting to hear Kennedy seeing the joke not landing and the general reaction of the audience.