Comment: Unfathomable revives the classic Battlestar Galactica board game

Just as modern board games made great strides in the late 2000s, so did the modern era of prestige television.Those two worlds collide Battlestar Galactica: Board Game, Designed by Corey Konecka. Sadly, it was out of print a few years ago, and even the dilapidated version is now being sold at high prices for collectors.

But later this year, the good guys from Fantasy Flight Games finally ushered in a turning point, reshaping this game style with a brand-new theme. Unfathomable Very good, very worthy of your attention in the crowded field of excellent new board games.

Unfathomable There is a simple premise: you and up to five friends are working hard to keep the cruise ship, crew and other passengers alive. Conspiring against you is the terrible Deep Ones, a mother and father team of giant sea monsters, and their wet, dripping freaks. Everyone repelled the boarders on the deck, kept their engines burning, and got through the storm to a safe harbor.

There is only one problem. One or more of the three to six people at the table conspired with Deep Ones. As a traitor, keeping a low profile is quite easy. Many challenges in the game can only be overcome by throwing cards into the public pot. If there are enough correct decks, then you have accomplished your goal. These cards are random before being uncovered, so that no one knows who put which card. All you need to do is to put in the wrong card, undermine the efforts of other players and make the disaster worse.

Or, the traitor can choose to expose himself. In doing so at the appropriate time, the damage may be irreversible. On the other hand, if these cards are played wrong, you will spend the rest of the journey on board.

Same as original Battlestar Galactica, There are multiple locations around the spacecraft for players to complete special actions. You can light the boiler when it’s your turn to make the ship run faster, or rummage in the cargo hold for weapons and special items. Slowly but surely, the Deep Sea will begin to overtake this ship, shutting down those powerful systems one by one. They can even damage ships, bringing you closer and closer to failure.

In this way, Unfathomable It is a huge upgrade from the original version. In my experience, Cylons rarely actually board Galactica, and once they board, the game is almost over. At the same time, in this 1920s game inspired by Cthulhu, the Abyssal One keeps appearing in front of you. Unfathomable There is also a clever mechanic who can put other anonymous passengers on the cruise ship with you in danger. Coupled with the well-renovated seascape layout around the ship, the gameplay is greatly enhanced.

This is not just a redesign of classic games. This is a well-conceived upgrade, and the work of designer Tony Fanchi should be commended.

This game has a lot of reading.
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My only complaint is the art direction and graphic design of the card itself. There is a lot of text in this game, and the small cards you have to hold in your hand can use more space-for example, space for any type of graphics. Instead, the player is asked to absorb a bunch of words written in 8-point font. Similarly, the card backs are not cohesive, and they do not scan well in the distance on the table.

Starbucks did cameo. Maybe Carla has been reincarnated? Anyway, she can still bring the cat in without any problem.
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Putting aside those sophistry, Unfathomable Actually benefited from the quarterback. As a knowledgeable player who is familiar with the rules, it is easy to step on the pedal and keep the game going normally for up to two to four hours of game time. If you have a dedicated board game group, or an ambitious team of novices who are looking for a good time indoors, I can’t recommend it too much.

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• 3-6 players, over 14 years old

• Playing time: 120-240 minutes

• Game type: semi-cooperative game

• Category: Hidden roles, hand management, area control, social interpretation

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