Company of Heroes 3 developers increase the influence of the community on the game

Company of Heroes 3 will be launched next year, and our gray-haired veteran Fraser thinks it is about to wake up the RTS type. Since its release, Relic has been emphasizing that a major part of game development is how the studio uses player feedback: allowing series fans and community figures to access the game very early before the official release, and based on their experience.

The first article in the planned developer diary series has not yet been released, and its focus is on the “Community Committee” of “Company of Heroes 3”. One element is just watching series fans gushing about how good the next game in the series will be, but at the same time, the given examples of how Relic combines certain suggestions are somewhat impressive, sometimes close “Why don’t you hire this person?”

Simply expand: A community member described how he basically designed a faction from scratch, submitted the design file to Relic, and the studio thanked it and put it in. Well, this is just one aspect of the story, but it feels like he should pay for it. Another guy talked about how his UI suggestions were incorporated.

(Image source: Sega)

It oscillates between being cool and having a taste of audience labor, but the other side of the argument is that audience participation is good, and these boundaries may be blurred. However, if I were a faction member, I would send an invoice to Relic.