Compared with the skateboarding story, Tony Hawk’s professional skateboarder looks boring

It turns out that finger guns can be fatal.exist Hand police, Upcoming first-person shooter game Brazilian independent developer Jeff Ramos, You are like an anthropomorphic hand waving a pistol, running and shooting in the neon city.

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This week we launched a game that allows you to turn the clock back and watch the reconstruction of the archaeological site, the broken door leading to the cursed corridor, the animal crossing adventure, and the coolest skateboarding game I have ever seen.

Look at these finger guns

Ramos Hand police It’s about a policeman who is actually a hand. The first person-I mean first-hand-the shooter brings a whole new definition to the concept of “finger gun”.Protagonist, one Detective named McWest, Is giving me a profession Thumb resonance From Spy kid. Hand police No release date yet, but you can check Ramos’ progress On his twitter account.

Play time

Video games have long been used as educational tools, especially in history. Mona, A puzzle exploration game from French history student V. Aalbertsberg, playing archaeological sites and the passage of time. Players can turn the clock forward and backward to view the ruins at different points in time.A sort of Posted clips The actual operation of this mechanism was shown by the developer, because the ruins that seemed to collapse were turned into gorgeous pillars. Mona There is no release date, but you can follow the update on the developer’s Twitter account.

This door does not work as you expect

The door is like a portal in a game. They transport us and connect us to where we need to accomplish various goals. Sometimes, starting and running the door requires some work.This video from horror game producer John Szymansk My friendly neighbor It shows the feeling of opening a revolving door, just like opening an ordinary old door with hinges.The result is a Dazzling mistakes Send people into a twisted corridor.There is no release date, but you can follow Szymansk’s work Through their twitter account.

Animal Crossing style indie game

Gosh!And the last record It is an action-adventure game where you can play as a catwoman.The game is developed by VirtualMoth and looks like animal Crossing with Land boundary. A sort of Clips posted by the developer Shows a dialogue between two cats: the protagonist and a fitness cat trapped under a rock, but can’t seem to fully admit their weaknesses. The silly conversation and the quaint environment immediately attracted me.Although the game has no release date, you can get more information about Studio’s page.

Please see, this is one of the most gorgeous skateboard games I have ever seen

This skateboarding game is called Skateboarding story Luminous, literally. In it, you will cruise like a diamond-like skateboarder, whose skills are as ingenious as their character designs.everything In this clip The style that just oozes: from abstract landscapes to blue explosions to smooth landings. Even more incredible is that it was mainly developed by one person, Sam Eng. Skateboarding story There is currently no release date, but it will come “soon”, According to its website. Until then, you can Developer’s Twitter account.