Comparison video between Alan Wake Remastered Xbox 360 and Xbox Series X

A trailer shows the original Alan Wake and Allen Awakening Remake Has been released.

This video shows the main differences between the Xbox 360 version and the upcoming Xbox Series X version. Of course, considering the comparison of another generation of consoles launched between the two versions, there are obvious differences between the two.

In the remastered version, you can expect enhanced cutscenes with improved facial animation and lip sync, improved textures and additional geometry, enhanced character models with updated hair and skin shaders, and improved lighting .

The game will also be displayed in 4K resolution at 60 fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X, while PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will provide 60 fps performance mode and 30 fps quality mode, which will be included in the first day patch.

There will be some differences in rendering and post-processing of game versions on different platforms. You can check these differences below:

  • PlayStation 4 – 1080p / 1080p / 30fps
  • PlayStation 4 Pro (performance mode)-1080p / 1080p / 60fps
  • PlayStation 4 Pro (Image quality mode) – 1296p / 2160p (4K) / 30fps / 4 x MSAA
  • Xbox One – 900p / 900p / 30fps
  • Xbox One X (performance mode)-1080p / 1080p / 60fps
  • Xbox One X (Quality Mode) – 1440p / 2160p (4K) / 30fps / 4 x MSAA
  • PlayStation 5 – 1440p / 2160p (4K) / 60fps / 4X MSAA
  • Xbox Series X – 1440p / 2160p (4K) / 60fps / 4 X MSAA
  • Xbox Series S – 1080p / 1080p / 60fps
  • PC-4K / unlimited

The game will be available on the PlayStation system for the first time, and in the PS5 version, you can expect console-specific features such as activity cards that track the progress of tasks and trigger feedback and vibration implementation through the vibration and haptics of the DualSense controller.

For example, aim the left trigger at Allen’s flashlight. The harder you press, the stronger the flashlight. The correct trigger is used for shooting weapons, and the tactile feedback and resistance when using pistols and rifles will be significantly different.

If you choose this game for your current console, if you happen to buy a game somewhere, all your saves will be transferred to PS5 and Xbox One X/S. This applies whether you are buying a CD game or a digital game. Therefore, if you purchase the disc, you will be able to upgrade to the digital version on the new game console without additional cost. Basically, buying a game on a single platform will give you access to all versions of Alan Wake Remastered on that platform.

The original Alan Wake was released as an Xbox 360 exclusive in 2010, and then ported to PC in 2012. It will feature the base game and two expansion packs The Signal and The Writer, and will be published by Epic Games. It is scheduled to be released on October 5.