Conquer Middle-earth with your phone in “The Lord of the Rings: Rise” next week

Net Ease and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment bring the vast war of Middle-earth into your hands. Now announced that it will be released next week, The Lord of the Rings: Rise of War is described as a “geographical strategic seasonal war game” for mobile devices.

Rise to War allows players to control a huge army and your favorite Lord of the Rings character to take over the blockbuster of the middle land map. All the stars are here, they can be your generals in battle. Recruit Gandalf the White, Galadriel, Aragorn and Legolas to lead your army to victory. Each has statistics and assigned roles, such as control or fighters, so choosing the right role for each battle is crucial.

Lord of the Rings: The map that rises to war will change with each battle as players and their expeditionary forces or clan take over the territory throughout the season. According to the press release, players can form groups in a “multi-layered fellowship social structure designed to promote collaborative strategies between players. Players can form expeditions or clan groups with other players according to their choice of good or evil, and then head to the battlefield. Conquer the enemy brick by brick.”

Perhaps the most exciting (at least for me!) is the ability to build your own magic ring to provide gains and advantages in battle. Customize which gems or jewelry decoration artifacts include, and even etch inscriptions on the inner surface. Check out the developer Q&A video series above, which introduces gameplay and insights from game developers.

Look for Lord of the Rings: Rise to War on iOS and Android devices all over the world (including Europe, North America, Oceania, and Southeast Asia) on September 23. If you haven’t already, check out the upcoming Lord of the Rings show on Amazon Prime and the new game starring the ring-obsessed Gollum.

In Middle-earth, who do you want to fight alongside you? I might like some Ente around me. Let me know in the comments!