Conquer your computer cable vortex with these cheap solutions

Your desk may need some help.Anyone with a neat PC gaming setup understands the difficulties of cable management external The PC case is very difficult. You can’t pack it all under the panel as easily as in a good computer case. Your desk and the number of peripherals you use play an important role in the struggle to keep your desk tidy and orderly-the trick is to use the right tools to solve your particular combination.

Black Friday deals can help you save some money while taking advantage of these cables and keeping your desk spotless in the new year. I recently performed a major cable management on myself and figured out which ones worked and which ones didn’t work. This is my suggestion to wrap all these stray cables and keep them away in the simplest and cheapest way.

Your method is important

(Photo credit: Navee Sangvitoon / EyeEm (Getty))

How you manage cables on your desk will help you determine which areas require the most work. It’s best to start at the top of the desk. Find all unnecessary cables and tighten them and pull them away. You need to deal with any excess cable length between the desk and the PC.