Contempt footage has unbearable tension and a firm release date

Announced eight years ago, Scorn is an absolutely creepy first-person horror game set in a surreal underground, clearly inspired by the work of HR Giger. Since then, it’s gone through several delays and moved from a plot model (what a wonderful mid-2010s phenomenon!) to a more traditional full-length package. The fruits of Ebb Software’s labor will be playable soon, as the new gameplay footage above confirms Scorn’s October 21st release date.

we have seen Extended game screen Scorn before, but the environment design in this new video looks a lot more gorgeous than before. There are the usual Giger decorations: mechanical guts that look like a Byzantine arrangement, and tiny lines that swim between the grandeur of aging and the uncomfortable bodily terrors. It’s an aesthetic we’ve seen in games before, but Scorn has gained a curious following because it’s closer to its inspiration than anything else.There’s some serious artistic talent here, and even if the game doesn’t turn out well, it’s always going to Look amazing.