Contempt gets the October 2022 release date

If there is one thing we have been lacking in recent years, it is truly terrifying horror games.Thankfully, you don’t have to wait too long because Contempt About to scare dumb players in 2022. First revealed in 2016, Scorn has always been a project that many people think will never be realized. Fortunately, fans don’t seem to have to wait six years, because the shooting game inspired by HR Giger will be available on PC and Xbox series X/S in October next year.

Originally started as a Kickstarter, this independent sci-fi adventure film has evolved into an ambitious and fascinating horror film since the initial financing target was smashed. You can catch a glimpse of Scorn’s alien style aesthetics again in the new trailer that creates the atmosphere.In addition to revealing the highly anticipated release date, Serbian developer Ebb Software also released its development update Kickstarter page, To give fans a glimpse of the development process behind the scenes.

In this update, Ljubomir Peklar, CEO of Ebb Software, confirmed that Scorn has now reached “75% completion.” Then why the long wait? Well, Scorn’s community manager stated that the extra 10 months will “ensure that Scorn is the best game…mysterious, dark, and full of atmosphere.” We don’t know you, but we like a good slime.

If you haven’t seen most of Scorn, there is a 15-minute game demo below, which should give you a good idea of ​​the kind of panic you can expect next October. A tense survival horror, with a revolutionary, creeping slug in your gun? Register with us.