Controls are getting multiplayer spin-offs and sequels

ControlVideo games full of weird things that no one can really explain are getting spin-offs that can’t be explained properly: multiplayer games.

Dubbed by Developer Remedy Entertainment Project Condor, Game 4-player vs. environment (PvE) cooperative game Set in the world of Control..In addition to it left 4 Dead-Sounding genre descriptor, details are scarce. A Blog post Mikael Kasurinen, Game Director of the Control franchise, emphasized the “world” part and said: Control The journey to the oldest home of the main character, Jesse Faden, is only part of the world, and the Condor shows how big it can be. Kasurinen also shared this little concept art. It claims that Kasurinen “comes pretty well what the condor is.”

Image: Remedy Entertainment

That may be a joke.

In addition, Condor’s announcement had an agreement with 505 games, and released “a more detailed and larger budget control game.” This is the first official statement from Remedy. Control The sequel. All we know now is that dealing with perceptual buildings and extradimensional entities tends to have a way to perform tabs, which makes it more expensive.