Controversial Masha Is Dead scene edited for PlayStation version of horror game

Wired Productions, publisher of LKA’s upcoming horror game Martha Is Dead, has revealed that a controversial scene from the game has been edited ahead of its release on PlayStation consoles. In the PC and Xbox versions of the game, the scene will remain the same.

The hypothetical scenario in question (as LKA has yet to specify the actual gameplay edit) has been shared on Twitter and other social platforms, but it basically boils down to actual gameplay. In it, the first-person playable character basically has to cut off the dead girl’s face and put it on. It’s very graphical and the game requires you to perform this task manually. If this scene is being edited, it looks like the gameplay will be tweaked or removed entirely in the PlayStation version.

“Unfortunately, we had to revamp the PS5 and PS5 version of the experience, and some elements are no longer playable,” said Wired Productions. statement read.

Based on that wording, it appears that the scene (again assuming it’s actually an edited scene) will remain, but will be played as a pure movie. As a result of this change, Martha is Dead will still be out digitally on PS5 and PS4 on Thursday, February 17th, but its physical release will come later – Wired Productions expects it to be available in “a few weeks” Delay.

“The PC and Xbox versions of Martha is Dead are unaffected by these developments and will feature full unedited gameplay as planned,” the statement read.

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[Editor’s Note: The story has been updated to include additional context]