Cooperation with Cyberpunk FPS Deadlink

Publisher announced Dead link, A new first-person shooter game with a cyberpunk theme and a gangster structure. It comes from Gruby Entertainment, an independent development studio composed of developers who previously worked at Outriders and Giant Machines.

In a press release, described Deadlink as “a fast-paced and popular cyberpunk FPS with rogue-lite elements”, where you become a “part of the corporate security bureau, contrary to the name, it Makes the company almost use seemingly credible surgical attacks to ensure that their most despicable plan cannot be realized.” This description is very inclined to people’s current very real resentment towards the company and turns it into a seemingly infinitely replayable FPS .

The screenshots show the game’s extremely colorful artistic style, inspired by the moody neon lights that represent the cyberpunk genre today. Although cyberpunk games have recently cost a dime a dozen, this game seems to be very stable, with at least one novel roguelite element. However, it is world building that really determines the success or failure of the game, so Gruby really needs to figure out how different these companies are and how mean they are.

At the same time, Outriders was also an excellent game when it was released, although not without whimsy. This is what makes Gruby Entertainment’s new game really attractive. Just released a major new update for Outriders last month, although the developer People Can Fly apparently didn’t see royalties for the game until August of last year.

Deadlink will be released in the Early Access version of Steam in the first quarter of 2022.