Cooperative RTS DwarfHeim tunnel exits Early Access this month

The career-based collaboration RTS DwarfHeim was launched on September 27, and the early access of this unique game ended in less than a year. It will launch a big 1.0 patch, which contains a lot of new content: miner tunnel, new user interface for survival mode, more colorful trolls and so on.You can find Post an announcement on Steam.

DwarfHeim is an RTS, which breaks the normal single-player single-base concept and allows three players to form a base. One player is a builder, responsible for the production of units and food, another is a miner, responsible for digging the metal and siege engineering under the base, and the third is a warrior, who controls the military units that defend everyone. Everyone also controls a Thane, a hero unique to their character. This is a bit like the Archon mode of StarCraft 2, where each player has very clear but asymmetric responsibilities.

It is also unique in that to play PvE, only one person must have a copy of the game.

(Image source: Matsuba Studio)

Dwarf Heim

(Image source: Pineleaf Studio, Merge Games)

DwarfHeim is an innovative concept, but it didn’t really take off when it was launched last fall. The developers had big plans, but due to low sales, they cut a lot of plans before the 1.0 version was released. In the volatile and declining RTS type, this is sad but not surprising.