Corpse Party enters the modern platform with expanded story content and new characters

On Halloween, the cult’s classic corpse party is hobbled back into the spotlight. This 16-bit horror film tells the story of a group of young students being taken away by various ghouls and ghosts. It is moving towards a modern platform with additional content.

This re-released version is clearly called the Corpse Party (2021). It has all the content and five main chapters of the original book (the game that began to be released in North America in 2011), but adds 16 “extra chapters”, which expand the story, and for the first time adopted all-Japanese dubbing. The game also includes a pair of episodes with two new characters and storylines added.

If you are new to corpse parties, then this is a choice-driven adventure game where you can guide a group of schoolchildren through their haunted elementary school after a mysterious ritual goes wrong. Your decision will affect who gets out of the building, and there are plenty of results, many of which are creepy. Don’t let the corpse party’s innocent appearance deceive you; it may surprise you in ways you didn’t expect. Although horror is the protagonist of the show, understanding the stories and relationships of unfortunate young people is also a selling point. In our review of the 2011 PSP transplant, we gave it 8 points (out of 10). The critic Phil Kollar said, “If you have an appreciation for the bloody Splatter Festival in the theater, then this is yours. An ancient ceremony that should be forbidden.”

If you are looking for another weird game to add to your Halloween rotation, you can find this exquisite corpse party on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on October 20th. You can buy it for $19.99, and the PC version includes a bundle with the original Corpse Party. Speaking of, if you already own the old version of Corpse Party or decide to buy this new version, you can buy the opposite version at a 25% discount on Steam and GOG.

Are there fans of the Corpse Party interested in reviewing this enhanced version? If you have been curious about franchising, does this convince you to finally pull the trigger? Let us know in the comments!