Cosmicubes among us is now updated, adding new characters and currencies

Developer Innersloth revealed that the new Cosmicubes update for “Among Us” is now online, which brings new characters, currencies, etc. to online social multiplayer games.

It’s hard to find someone who at least hasn’t heard of us. As an independent darling, it is particularly popular because it can bring people together during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and we have continued to receive a steady stream of updates in the past year. The latest is the Cosmicubes update, which now runs on any platform you can play among us.

“It’s just to make money, isn’t it?” the update trailer asked brazenly. “Yes, we live in a capitalist society-money for updates, server costs, team salaries, survival, treatment, food, boba, and new games.”

Now, it is not clear whether Innersloth is really teasing a new game, or just saying that it is developing a new game, which makes sense considering the studio is a video game development studio. After all, you make money from games to make more games. However, this is a short snippet of the five-minute update trailer.

The first half of the trailer focuses on the new stores and available currencies in “Among Us”. More specifically, there are airship cabins, beans, and stars that can be used in the game. Stars can be purchased with real-world currency, and can be used to purchase items, bundles, cosmetics, etc. The airship cabin and beans are obtained by playing games. The trailer lists some ways to get pods and beans in the game by killing teammates, completing tasks, guessing correctly, and winning back cooperation.

Beans can be used to purchase items, bundles, and Cosmicubes. The airship cabin unlocks the cosmic cubes. In these cubes are cosmetics and other content that can be used elsewhere among us. All these new currencies can also be used in the “Between Us” shop in the game, where you can purchase additional cosmetics and more.

Joining the game with these currencies is an in-game achievement. These can unlock sun visor cosmetics, nameplates, etc. Oh, you can also link accounts between us now.

The last piece of new information revealed in the trailer contains four new characters: scientist, shapeshifter, engineer, and guardian angel. Scientists can check the vital signs of other crew members, so if a dead person appears on their tablet, the scientist can even remind other crew members that someone has been killed before the body is found.

Shapeshifter can change the shape very well. If they kill someone, they can transform to show the appearance of that crew member, which can be used to blend in with other crew members while acting as an imposter. Engineers can use the many vents on the map as a passage for travel, and the guardian angel seems to be the role played by a dead crew member. They look ethereal, and they can place a protective cover around their crew. The trailer shows that if someone’s shield is raised, they can survive a killing by an imposter.

The update is now available on Switch and PC (via Steam, Windows Store, and Epic Game Store). When “Among Us” arrives on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year, it will probably be broadcast live in the game.

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