Counter-Strike gets stickers…Battlefield 2042?

Valve has been released A bunch of stickers For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it is quite strange that the 2042 image of Battlefield is the theme. The stickers in CS:GO are in the form of capsules, and you must purchase the capsule key to open: after that, you will get one of twelve “Battlefield 2042” stickers with different rarities. To be fair, one of the dinosaurs is cool, although it is certainly one of the rarest!

I call it strange, because although they are not exactly the same, Battlefield and Counter-Strike are competitors: it’s a bit like seeing Coca-Cola advertise for Pepsi. Collaborating with the tag from the brand account’s tweet, the Battlefield account posted: “CS:GO loves us very much, they put us in their game as a sticker capsule. We love them very much, de_dust2042 is basically an hourglass.” Brandt said My counter-strike. I want to know how much EA paid for this.

(Image source: Valve)

The response to the capsule is summarized as First comment Posts about it on Steam (“lul”) or usual list of things CS: GO players will continue whenever anything happens: Where is the 128-tick server! Volvo please.