Court denies DFEH’s opposition to Activision Blizzard’s litigation settlement

In a lawsuit between Activision Blizzard and the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a proposed $18 million settlement appeared to be derailed in October, when the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing was taking its own action against Activision Blizzard. Object to itDFEH stated that the settlement may result in the “effective destruction” of key evidence and cause “irreparable harm” to its lawsuit against the publisher.

Bloomberg It was reported last week that the judge in the case stated that she would reject DFEH’s request for intervention, and the decision has now been a ruling The court released yesterday stated that DFEH’s proposition of “protecting the interests of California and its workers” is too broad and will enable it to intervene in almost all employment-related cases in the state, and its concerns about evidence destruction are “speculative at best. of.”