Cover Reveal – Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead has always been a riveting series that blends unique elements from truly gory and creepy to raucous comedy and creativity.since its terrible beginning evil Dead, the brand has grown into a true multimedia empire, covering multiple films, TV shows and more. Today, Sabre Interactive and Boss Team Games are looking to tap into the burgeoning asymmetric horror market with Evil Dead: The Game, which works very differently than other options. Forget about hiding in the shadows and cringing in this game – you’ll shred the Grim Reaper with chainsaws, booms and gorgeous finishing moves!

Evil Dead: The Game is a 4v1 player-to-player experience in which a demon and four survivors face off to the death. Sure, there are modes against bots and even some story missions, but the essence of the game is the battle between players. Survivors loot, use cars to traverse huge maps, and violently rip through enemies as they scramble to complete their objectives and ultimately destroy the forces of darkness. Demons scour the map for survivors, set traps in supply crates and trees, and have small enemies and players.

In our 12-page cover story, we get to experience both characters first-hand to see what makes Evil Dead: The Game special. We explored leveling systems, weapon variety, dazzling glory kills, pairings with franchises, and more. Take a wild journey through the dark horrors as we pull back the curtain on the nightmare to come!

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