Cover Revealed-Horizon Forbidden West

In 2017, we were amazed by the new IP launched by Guerrilla Games. It is different from any IP made in the past. Known for the shooting game Killzone series, the guerrillas flipped the script and ventured into the open-world action/role-playing game genre, inviting us to a post-apocalyptic earth where huge, animal-like machines have become an ecosystem a part of. “Horizon Zero Dawn” has achieved an overwhelming success, full of adrenaline rushing battles, the protagonist in the wayward Aloy is awesome, and every corner has exciting discoveries. We can’t wait to experience more, especially because the guerrillas left some unresolved endings. Fortunately, the highly anticipated sequel “Horizon Forbidden West” will be released on February 18.

In our 12-page cover story, we discussed Aloy’s Westward Adventures with Guerrilla Games, and we watched two non-interfering demos. A demo showed an area early in the game, providing a glimpse of a more detailed town and character model, as well as a new skill tree and workbench system. Our second demo let us see a boss battle against a new murderer in the late game: Slitherfang. However, the new machine is only part of Aloy’s efforts. Learn more about the additional pressures and challenges she faced, and how Guerrilla Games took the gameplay of Aloy and Horizon Forbidden West to a new level.

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However, we did not stop there. Telltale is returning on a large scale. Associate editor Wesley LeBlanc conducted the first major review of the studio’s transformation, including its newly announced The Expanse: A Telltale series, co-developed by Deck Nine. We also delved into another highly anticipated sequel to be released: “Dying Light 2: Staying Human”, detailing our recent personal experience and why we are optimistic about the February 4th release. If that’s not enough, we also watched “Elden Ring”, “Forspoken” and “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Second Year.”

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