Craft time: Making a Thanksgiving Chocobo hat

It’s 4 pm on Thanksgiving Day. You may be full now, or you are eating turkey, or you are still waiting to eat turkey. (If you eat ham, get out.) Do you know what this means? It’s time to make a hat!

Making turkey hats is an ancient tradition of Thanksgiving. It’s not hard to see why; the turkey hat combines two of our favorite things: food and fashion. A hat can also make your head look bigger, which makes people believe that your brain is big.

The person wearing a hat is often the party’s life. Need proof? Look at this photo of Spock.

The boy is such a boring fellow. Now, what if we throw a hat at him?

Instant party animals! You can also be such a person. However, instead of making a traditional Turkish hat for Thanksgiving, it is better to use the first bird in the game: Chocobo to make a hat.

Read to find out how.

Making chocobo hats is a fun family activity. This is also very practical. If the annual brawl breaks out after a meal, you will already be holding scissors. Here is what you need to get started:

  • Construction paper (all colors)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (edible)
  • The unspoken dislike of your cousin
  • Kenny Login Top Gun Soundtrack

First cut a piece of yellow paper into a big circle (don’t worry about it feeling nothing.)

This is what a circle looks like:

Next, cut out a beak and some eyes. This is your goal:

If your uncle starts screaming about how his ex-wife destroyed his boat, or your nephew started a backyard wrestling match in the living room, please turn on Kenny Loggin’s “Danger Zone” and turn off the sound of plate smashing.

Next step: put them together.

Family can be difficult. Is your mother calling you to take out the trash? Is your dad yelling at you because he doesn’t want you to cut off all the cat’s hair? Has any old man complained that you broke into his house and stole his war bonds? Ignore them. They don’t understand you. You are an artist. You need those war bonds to make your chocobo hat.

It’s time to put the whole thing together. Glue your beak and eyes to your circle, then stick the entire chocobo’s head on another piece of paper (or war bond), and wrap it around your head. Feel free to add some extra details to your hat. Really make it your own. Add some extra tuff to your hair or frowning eyebrows. If your chocobo is full of friendship and magic, add some glitter.

If you follow our instructions carefully, you should get the following results:

*Results may vary

You have it. You are now free to experience the real fun of Thanksgiving. Throw away the unused pieces of paper (ignore their cry for mercy; they are not good enough to cut.) Now, go eat some pie and hug your grandma-not only will she be frightened by your new hat, she will not Will know how to treat such casual feelings.

Remember, if you get bored in the future, you can always make chocobo hats for your pets.