Crapshoot: One of the strangest Bible games ever, the zoo contest

From 2010 to 2014 Richard Corbett Wrote Crapshoot, a column about craps to make random and obscure games reappear. This week, the animals may enter the Ark in twos, long live, long live, but in this arcade racing car, only one can cross the finish line first.

Believe it or not, everyone knows the story of Noah’s Ark in some form. Strangely, people rarely mention what happened next—the part where the water receded. To celebrate, God and Noah organized a sadistic sports day to make Deathmatch 2000 look like Super Mario Kart.

Is that Canon? Um? Oh.Well, there is cannon Participate if this helps.

Oh no! The evil fish that escaped the flood by default! They survived!

must have Some Yes, it is actually a sane Bible-themed game. Statistically speaking, they can’t all be as clumsy and educational as our past friends “The Captain of the Bible” and “Your Will”. However, as you might have guessed, The Zoo Race will not break this trend.