Cruis’n Blast can get online multiplayer games, more content will be updated in the future

In future updates, online multiplayer features and DLC may soon appear in Cruis’n Blast in Raw Thrill.

First report Nintendo Life, Raw Thrills owner Eugene Jarvis recently participated in a Reddit AMA There he talked about many things related to video games, including the recently released Cruis’n Blast. He said that the team’s next goal is online multiplayer games.

“Online multiplayer is Cruis’n/Switch’s next goal… When we start online multiplayer, we will definitely consider introducing more content,” Jarvis said on the AMA.

Although there is no official confirmation that online multiplayer games and additional content are coming to Cruis’n Blast, it is at least a good thing to hear that Raw Thrills is working on both.This is good because one Game informant The editor who wrote their first impression of the arcade racer pointed out that it is disappointing that Cruis’n Blast does not have an online multiplayer game.

Elsewhere in the AMA, Jarvis said he would love to see the original Cruis’n Nintendo 64 trilogy ported to Switch, and he will “talk to Miyamoto” to see what Raw Thrills can do.

Only time will tell whether online multiplayer games and other content (such as new cars and tracks) will enter Cruis’n Blast.Now, let’s take a look at what we think of this episode of Nintendo Almighty, which is Game informant Nintendo podcast, and then read about how Cruis’n Blast is back after the unapologetic and delightful arcade racing.

[Source: Nintendo Life]

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