Crusader Kings 3’s first large-scale expansion will not launch until 2022

At PDXCon in May, Paradox announced the Royal Court, which is a full-scale expansion of Crusader Kings 3 to follow the smaller Northern Lords DLC.Although the release date is not mentioned, it has already been pre-ordered steam And Paradox store, expected soon. However, as Paradox announced on its forum, it is not ready this year.

When ready, the Royal Court will add a 3D throne room where you can hold court sessions with your vassals and courtiers. A new magnificent system will allow you to spend money to maintain your appearance, and an enhanced cultural system will take into account language differences (and allow you to learn new ones), as well as the different spirits, traditions and pillars of each culture. Artists and craftsmen are attracted by your exquisite court and will bring treasures and handicrafts in exchange for sponsorship.