Crypto villains aim at iPhone 13, launch ol’ Runescape money strategy and get $69,000

As before, The new iPhone to be released Some people are trying to control their desire for gadgets. Hype is always different from Apple products. Although I use several and like these things, there is a reason why the extreme situation of its fan base is easy to be satirized. Apple is omnipotent! Maybe: But one thing it will never do is double your Bitcoin.

A few years ago, a large number of scams based on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies appeared on YouTube, which basically tricked users into visiting websites that looked real through advertisements. This strategy seems to have been cancelled, but returned in a new form during the release of the Apple iPhone 13.According to reports Online security company ZScaler, A channel that looked like Apple’s official live broadcast took place at the same time as the actual release, attracting approximately 16,000 viewers. The channel was established in a reasonably complex manner, with appropriate logos and wording, and has 1.3 million subscribers.

(Photo credit: Thianchai Sitthikongsak/Getty)

The channel repeatedly linked to a website during the event, which was once again designed to look like Apple’s official website (including the “apple” in the URL), except-it’s surprising that people fell for it, didn’t they? ——This bizarre Apple apparently offered to give 1,000 Bitcoins (and an Ethereum option). This is approximately 42 million U.S. dollars or 31 million pounds worth of cryptocurrency.