Crytek apologizes for Hunt: Showdown issues, extends Traitor’s Moon event

Traitor Moon event in Hunt: Showdown (opens in new tab) Some “Sweet Legendary Skins” Available From March (opens in new tab)“For players who can grind enough points to pick them up. It’s unclear how much grinding it actually takes to get the job done, but we’re speculating it will require “quite a lot of match-strikes over the event’s 21-day duration.” Mid-top unlocks. “

For some players, however, the process has been complicated by bugs, connectivity issues, and other issues, forcing servers offline so developers can deploy fixes and try to fix disconnects. As Crytek put it on Twitter today, these distractions have kept some players from “comfortably participating in the event.” As such, it’s extending the Traitor’s Moon event to April 18 — originally scheduled to end on April 14.

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