Crytek Forces Patreon Supported Crysis Remastered Photo Mode Mod Offline

Universal Unreal Unlocker is a mod created by Frans “Otis_Inf” Bouma that brings a powerful photo mode to the long list of Unreal Engine 4 games. It’s a truly impressive piece of software that enables video game photographers to capture images that go far beyond traditional screenshots.Last year, he also created similar standalone mods for Crysis Remastered 2 and 3, which he created through his Patron. But those Crysis mods are no longer available: Crytek has asked Bouma to remove them.

This delete request From Crytek PR manager Adam Grinsell, who told Bouma that neither game’s end-user license agreement allows for modding. Because of this, Grinsell asked Bouma to “remove mods from your Patreon page and anywhere else they appear for use.” He also warned that if they didn’t take it down within 7 days, the matter would be referred to Crytek’s law Department.