CW’s 4400 is a sci-fi observation of modern issues

People often praise sci-fi works as “born for our time” because they feature futuristic dystopia or gifts that have undergone major changes, thereby raising collective anxiety about global or national issues.Although CW’s 4400 (Restart 4400, 4 seasons broadcast in the mid-2000s) is not a show about the current Covid-19 pandemic. There is a plan to solve it in the story. The focus of the story is the souls who lost their time and were displaced.

Executive producers Ariana Jackson and Sunil Nayar, and actors Joseph David-Jones (Jharrel), TL Thompson (Dr. Andre), Autumn Best (Mildred), Brittany Adebumola (Shanice), Khailah Johnson (Ladonna), Cory Jeacoma (Logan) ), Ireon Roach (Keisha), Jaye Ladymore (Claudette), Derrick A. King (Rev Johnson), and Amarr (Hayden) almost attended the 2021 New York Comic Con, sharing details of their roles.

Restart and reimagine the 2004 CBS Paramount Internet TV science fiction novel by Scott Peters and Renee Echevarria, 4400 I saw more than 4,400 people disappear without a trace in different time periods. One day, they miraculously returned to the modern 2021 Detroit, with no signs of aging, and no memory of their disappearance. The 4400 who traveled through time found that they had “upgrades” or special abilities. They try to find purpose and connection in an era they are not familiar with.

Actors and staff members remain silent about what specific powers (or not) their roles will have.Nayal praised the actors’ performance, “The way you play these characters is not to make you suddenly a superhero. There are real human consequences. [the powers]. “Then he seemed to hold back and said, “Well, you people with that power. Those who cannot be destroyed without me. “

The existence of 4400 and its social problems pose challenges to people today. Jharrel comes from Detroit today. He is an advocate for people trying to operate under government rules. “I think I rarely see someone navigating a system that is not suitable for people,” David Jones said. “But seeing someone navigate also gives you an opportunity and a different view of the actual situation. Many of us really want to find ways and solutions for many of the problems we encounter, but things will be constrained by bureaucracy.”

Also starting today, Keisha “just like Jarrell, will do her best to control it in 2021,” Roach said. She added, “She is a loyal supporter of 4400.”

Cory described his Logan as a “civilian” living in 2021. He admired Logan’s commitment to empathy, but “it bit his chin occasionally. But his chin was hit a lot. When I was reading the script, I thought this guy has a steel chin.”

One of the unsuspecting time travellers, Ladona, came from 2015 and is only a few years away from 2021. Johnson said that Ladona’s “life struggles with balance.” As a man in his 20s, Johnson is involved in the struggle with Ladona. “She promoted a part of herself to feel in control.”

Kim plays the pastor Johnson, a man from a powerful and wealthy family in the 90s. “He split,” King said. “Then suddenly, he was taken away from that civil war, and then he was thrown into another civil war to deal with this new era and a new era. He is fighting with how he feels and how he should feel. According to the description. , He became a natural leader of 4400.”

There are travelers dating back decades. Ladymore shared that Claudette, the wife of a missionary in the 1950s, “has a fierce and inner flame in her own time. She has a strong loyalty to the people she loves and cares for.”

Hayden played chess from the 1930s. Emma said, “He really underestimated himself. He started to see more things he could do. He was not shy, he was more introverted, and thought before speaking. He operated on a different level from others, but He doesn’t know how to express.” Hayden will face hardship: “When his mother had an accident, he learned to make a living by himself. His family is not necessarily the best, he is institutionalized as a test subject.”

The restart is dominated by black actors, and the business and premise indicate that the show will carry out various dynamics among blacks in different periods. Thompson played the role of Andre in 1924. He said: “I have never seen a science fiction film with so many melanin.” They continued: “I have never seen a science fiction novel based on our current time. Many Science fiction is all world architecture. It’s so beautiful, this is our world.”

First episode 4400 It will premiere on CW on October 25th.