Cyberpunk 2077 leaks video of internal bug montage, third person mode

Cyberpunk 2077 was released with a ton of bugs and couldn’t fulfill its pre-release promise. The release was so surprising that Sony removed the game from the list shortly after its release on the PlayStation Store. Since then, a number of bugs have been released to fix the game’s state and meet the expectations of CD Projekt RED, but many frustrations have been leaked in the early stages. Of the glitch that this game offers. It also shows the main character of the game running through the city of Night City from a third-person perspective.

The video was reportedly produced by the QA team in a Polish studio and published in a tweet from CDPR developer Slave Lukyanenka. This tweet then DeletedBut the Internet-sometimes unfortunate-is eternal. The video in question shows the “Bug Material Composition” edited over the years. The rich T-poses are just the tip of the iceberg in a series of videos archived on Reddit from 4Chan’s post.

There is another video of Cyberpunk 2077 running by a third party, but it has also been removed. If it comes back, you can find that link Here..

If you check the archive of Reddit posts above, there is an NSFW disclaimer that you need to add. One of the videos is literally a lot of penis and teabagging … well, genitals. The Hallelujah chorus is played in the background, so the montage is, to be honest, played like a giant meme, not from the studio.

that is important Keep in mind that the montage itself is not as terrible as many people imagine. The bugs in development and the critical bugs are neither new nor specific to CD Projekt RED. Even the edited video created to downplay the aforementioned bug is nothing new. That said, the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the worst in the history of games these days. Montage is the worst, from the performance of the game itself on previous-generation consoles to lies that were later revealed as part of studio marketing, including false presentations of gameplay footage and strict restrictions imposed on reviewers. It was not produced at the time. With a company that works hard to get things right. Doubly with the ongoing proceedings surrounding the game and the ongoing investigation into Poland.