Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.31 makes the game wetter

A lot about Cyberpunk 2077 Since its launch in December last year, the questions raised by the Polygon video team are not surprising: Yes Cyberpunk 2077 Is it wet enough? We can now safely say no, in fact, the game is clearly launched without the necessary moisture content. The latest patch number 1.31 should solve this problem.

as far as Cyberpunk The patch goes, it’s a fairly small one. Some mission errors were squashed, but they didn’t sound like a sign of disrupting the game. PlayStation has performed some “GPU optimizations”, so we have to see how it affects performance. But this update does not even simulate news broadcasts to herald its arrival. From the description, you may not even notice it. “Please note that the issues listed below do not affect all players” CD Projekt said in its preface.

But there is such a note:

Fixed the problem that the road does not look wet after rain, which is the result of the continuous work of the wet surface system. In 1.31, the wet surface should look more detailed than before the problem occurred.

As the official Polygon reporter pointed out in February, Night City should be wet, its surface is soaked, even its smoothest surface is covered by water, because this is the original version of Mike Pondsmith and R. Talsorian Games team A tabletop game introduced in the 1980s as described at the time.

“It always rains,” the official world manual reads. “Every day should be gloomy, gloomy, and gloomy. The stars will never come out. The sun will never shine. No birds are singing, children are laughing. The last bird died in 2008 and the children grew up in big buckets. The ozone layer rots, the greenhouse effect takes over, the sky is full of hydrocarbons, and the ocean is full of sludge. Good place.”

So, if anything, CD Projekt‚Äôs vision for a gritty metropolis is and also Tenacity, and not dirty enough. Today’s patch should solve this problem.You can find the complete patch notes at Official website.