Cyberpunk action role-playing game The Ascent gets photo mode

Dytopian Diablo-em-up The Ascent has an extra gorgeous environment, a planet called Veles, which is 80% polished bronze by weight. (The other 20% are neon signs.) It’s so good-looking that players have been using Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker to take sweet screenshots, but now there is a way to do this without downloading a third-party program . The latest update from the developer Neon Giant adds a photo mode, which you can activate by turning it on in the game settings and then pressing P.

Photo mode is accompanied by repair This should improve stability, and some fixes have been made to audio, collisions, and slow loading in online collaboration. The update also includes 10 new weapon skins and two shirts.Independence Halloween bag The DLC is also available for free, including a skull shirt, a skull face tattoo, and Jack o’Lantern headgear for punks with guns.