Dark anime ‘Made in the Abyss’ coming to Switch this fall

The team at well-known development studio Spike Chunsoft has announced that they have been busy developing a game based on the dark anime and manga series, Made in the Abyss, and will land on the Nintendo Switch series system this fall. The newly released game is called “Made in the Abyss: Two Stars”, and it is a 3D role-playing game that will continue the dark theme and tone of the anime and manga series.

Dive your life!

Made in Abyss, the breathtaking manga and anime series by Akihito Tsukushi is getting its first video game adaptation! Experience the anime’s story The story begins with Rico and Reg’s meeting in the first episode of the first season. This marked the beginning of their great adventure, and together they headed to the Seeker’s Camp on the second floor of the Abyss. Experience the mighty power of the curse of the abyss, and the amazing legendary entities known as primordial creatures. Get ready for a glimpse into the world of Riko and her friends.

Experience a whole new story

Another story takes place many days after Riko and Reg go to the abyss. The only remaining unconquered abyss in the world, the Abyss, is the arena where many adventures are born…and then disappear. The people who appear in these stories are fascinated by the power of the abyss and aim for the bottom of the underworld. The story to be told is the adventures of an unknown cave invader in the abyss.・

Relive the world of the abyss in this 3D action RPG!

  • Original story produced by Akihito Tsukushi
  • Play games with Japanese or English text and audio
  • Anime actors reprise their roles for fully voiced event scenes!

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