Dark Dungeon 2, Shin Goddess Tensei V and Guardians of the Galaxy | GI Show

We are back with another exciting episode Game informant show! In the highlight of the game, we talked about our impressions of “Dark Dungeon 2” and “Thanksgiving V”, and our comments on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy! Most importantly, we also quickly discussed the highlights of Sony’s latest state, and ended the show with a crazy entrance to community issues.

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00:02:38-Sony status highlights

00:26:28 – Impressions of the Darkest Dungeon 2

00:41:24-Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Review

00:53:49-Goddess Tensei V

01:12:30-Advertising interruption

01:14:00-Housekeeping service

01:18:14-Listener email