Dark Dungeon II | New Gameplay Today

Are you ready to bravely face the winding roads with insufficient light and accept the deformity? Of course you are. Come and join our caravan journey to the end of Dark Dungeon II! Darkest Dungeon II contains some of the same characters and battles as the original, but this is a completely new experience.

Great changes have taken place, and peaceful, evolving small villages have disappeared. Instead, you must use different tools to open your own path every time you run, hoping to reach the mountain and end an ancient evil that seems to be disintegrating the entire world. Will we survive? maybe not. But as long as we have perseverance, we may find our own way. Come join us and learn about “Dark Dungeon II” as early as possible through today’s new gameplay. Darkest Dungeon II will be available for early access on PC tomorrow.