Dark Pictures Anthology takes a step forward at the House of Ash

To Ash house, Dark Pictures Anthology’s next third game, players can go through another short but intense multi-view horror story. The main character of the game is Rachael King, a Marine played by the high school musical Ashley Tisdale. Ash house About King, who took up a mission in Iraq in 2003.

Polygon recently spoke with Anthology Executive Producer Dan McDonald and saw some stories and gameplay footage from the next article. Rachel’s situation quickly becomes complicated. Her ex-husband appears while she is in a new relationship, her team is looking for weapons of mass destruction that did not exist, and they are ambushed. The battle awakens something supernatural that drags both American and Iraqi fighters from Sumerian mythology into underground ruins.

“From a theme and location perspective, we wanted to make it military. We wanted to link this kind of threat to desert locations,” said McDonald. I will. According to a study by game director Will Doyle, the Supermassive Games team set up a game set in Iraq in 2003 because of the potential stories of real-world legends and myths. “We talked to a lot of people from an Arabic point of view to make sure the scripts we wrote were good,” McDonald said. “We had the scriptwriter check it from a military point of view to see if it was good.”

But McDonald’s continued, the main focus of the game is supernatural horror. “The Iraq War as our stage is not the content of the story. It’s where they start, but it’s very quick. [the main cast] It’s in another place. They are trapped underground and something is happening in another world. “

According to McDonald’s, the team sought to implement fan feedback on the first two titles for improvement. Ash house.. “Every time you finish each game, you go through a process, [all feedback and criticism] And look at it. The difficulty for us is that in this franchise, each game is almost finished before the next game comes out. So you need to listen to that feedback and find a way to force it into the next game. “

Many players Little HopeFor example, he criticized a linear story with few interesting branches. One step back from the first Dark Pictures game, Medan manBut what the team learned. “We had some challenges Little Hope story. At some point during development [the characters] We were always together, “says McDonald’s. Ash houseAs a result, the characters are split and held more often in the dark. There are also some nice technical changes to the formula. There are difficulty settings to make the camera less fixed at a particular angle, make the character move faster, and increase the tension as much as each player can handle.

After investigating fan feedback, Supermassive designers also found that hiding clues and breadcrumb trails that hinted at the world of dark pictures was a bit too clever. McDonald’s admitted that there are still clues that fans aren’t on the Ouran Medan. “I think I made the numbers too vague,” he said. “If someone doesn’t point it out to you, it’s not something you can really solve, it’s … we’re not going to do it.”

Ash house Will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in late 2021.