Dark Souls desktop RPG announced

Have a new Dark soul A game on the horizon, but not necessarily in the form you expect.Steamforged Games, the maker of the Dark Souls board game, announced (via Game point) It is releasing a new pen-and-paper role-playing game of Dark Souls. If there are any signs of past quality, it should be a treat for fans of the desktop and Dark Souls series.

Interestingly, the announcement tweet mentioned Lothric and Unkindled, both of which mentioned “Dark Souls 3”. It sounds like Lothric’s settings will be, at least for now, the main settings of TTRPG. Of course, future expansion books may add new settings and legends, but for now, fans of “Dark Souls 3” need to pay attention.

This is not the first RPG launched by Steamforged. As Gamespot pointed out, its Epic Encounters series is based on the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons, so Dark Souls TTRPG may be based on this system, but there is no guarantee that this is what the company will adopt. We can only wait and see.

Dark Souls is still a master class in world construction and has created a genre. “Dark Souls” developer’s next game, “Elden Ring”, hopes to improve the formula in a way that “Dark Souls” fans are still familiar with. Even the story trailer is frustrating enough for a soul game.

We don’t yet know the release date of the desktop role-playing game, but you can sign up for a mailing list to get the latest updates of the game here.